Catching Up

I have fallen back into my old habits on maintaining the blog, but have actually been thinking about writing a little in here.  My PC is horribly slow, so I try not to do too much on it and that keeps me from updating as often as I’d like.  Kan keeps talking me out of buying a new PC or laptop.  I think some of my cheapness is rubbing off on him. 

We had a great Easter.  I am not religious but will sometimes do Easter baskets if the fancy strikes me.  I made a stuffed pork loin that turned out really well.  It was stuffed with spinach, goat, and feta cheese.  I also encased it in a mustard sauce with some bread crumbs on top of that.  It was pretty tasty even though it frustrated the mess out of me and I was about to give up on it since one part of the freaking thing wouldn’t get all the way cooked.  On the candy front, Elle was going on and on about her Easter basket that she got from daycare and so I decided to make baskets this year.

 Elle with her Easter bunny and bracelets

Elle making her bracelets anklettes.

Ky excited about Easter candy

Enjoying cartoons and some Easter baskets

Mother’s Day has also come and gone.  We didn’t do anything special.  Kan fixed the dishwasher (finally!) for me and I was VERY grateful.  He did a wonderful job.  I had been dealing with eczema on my hands for a month or so and it has been great to not deal with itchy hands for a while, as my eczema only acts up when I wash dishes.  And regardless what anyone may think, itchy hands is not a good enough excuse to make your husband willingly, continuously wash dishes on a daily basis, but they are good enough to inspire him to go ahead and fix the dishwasher.

I took some pics of the kids for my mom and mother in law for Mother’s Day. 

Elle with Benjamin Franklin Bear

My handsome, debonair dude

My attempts at getting them to look at me

The finished product

In the pictures I had taken down Elle’s braids to make her hair curly.  She loved the braids before we took them down.

Right after I got through

Showing me her Snappis (little barrettes on the end of the braids)

A back view, I’m getting really good at upside down braiding


Kan has been in a handy mood over the past couple of months.  He bought some sod on a whim one weeked and laid it down himself with the help of Ky and our little cousin Brandon.  They did a great job and we now have the best grass on the street.  It has been scorching hot though the past month so now we have some brown spots.  Hopefully they will be cured by more frequent watering.

Kan with the roto-tiller

With a heavy load

Laying down the green carpet

The little helpers

We went to the Fernbank Museum this past weekend.  Brandon and Zion, our little cousins, came along.  We had a great time.  I didn’t get any pics because I forgot my camera.  I was impressed that Elle didn’t throw nearly as many mini-trantrums (as I call them since she still is not to the tantrum level that Ky was at her age, thankfully) as I thought she would.  There was a special exhibit about Mythical Creatures and Elle was not fond of the big dragon statue they had and refused to walk around it.  I had to cover her eyes and carry her, but after that all was well.

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Faces of Ky and Elle

Elle in her star glasses and lip whistle

I didn’t mention it earlier but Ky is now 9 years old.  Elle is 2.5 years old.  They are both great kids and it is amazing how totally different they are.  At least it is amazing to me.  They usually interact with each other wonderfully despite the age difference and play a lot together.

A funny conversation that I overhead the other day between them:

Ky (looking at Elle’s nose) – Ew, you have boogers in your nose!

Elle (scrunching up her face at Ky) – Ew, you have boogers in your MOUTH!

Ky (looking shocked) – No I don’t!!

Elle laughs.

 Another funny conversation between Elle and Kan and I as we were leaving in the morning for school:

Kan (smiling): Come here baby and give me a hug goodbye

Me (joking):  Here I am (I extend my arms)

Elle (upset):  He not talking to YOU.  He talking to ME!

 She then proceeds to run and give Kan a hug.

Some pics

Pooh Bear got a bath via the washing machine.  Elle got a kick out of watching him wash up.

Telling me about Pooh’s bath

Ky and Elle trying to get Baby (that’s the doll’s name) to blow the lip whistle.

Ky posing

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First Post

Today is my 32nd birthday.  One of my birthday resolutions (I don’t do New Year’s resolutions) is to actually maintain a blog about my family.  I have started a few blogs but only posted maybe a couple times.  I’m going to do my best to update this one so that I’ll have some sort of record of the fleeting moments of our lives.

Ky had his first jiu-jitsu tournament last weekend.  He lost all three of his matches and got upset.  Ky cried and Kan said that it was the first time that he had ever been embarassed by one of his children in public.  It was bound to happen at some time.  I wasn’t embarrassed but was kind of peeved that Ky didn’t portray good sportsmanship.  He didn’t shake the hand of his opponent and instead marched off in tears with a scowl on his face.  We had a good talk about it though and I encouraged him to use his anger like The Incredible Hulk.  Ky loves comic cartoon characters so I told him to tell his opponent next time “You don’t want to make me angry” like David Banner of the old TV Hulk show.  Ky watches it sometimes and got a kick out of that and I made him smile so all was good.  I also told him next time to make sure he shook the opponent’s hand and to do his best so he wouldn’t have any reason to cry or get so upset.  I am also going to make sure that he gets a black and green outfit for the No-Ghi competition and I am going to spray some green hair spray in his hair and get a hulk tatoo (a fake one) to go on his arm so that he can use his anger purposefully like the Hulk does in the TV show.

Ky during one of his matches.

With another competitor

Upset about how the competition went

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